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The Broken Hearts Casefile

System: Shadowrun 5th Edition
Deltakere: 1 GM, 3-5 players


ArrangørPontus Andersson


The Ork Underground. It used to be perfect perfect for shadowrunners, but then it went legit, which brought the cops. Then people started turning up dead, but not before someone snatched up all their parts. That was bad for business, both the legit kind and the kind that thrives in the shadows.

Then they went after Maggie, a true pillar of the community, your fixer, and the best damn bartender this side of that one place in 'Vostok. That was when it all started, and when your life got complicated.


Dive into the seedier side of Seattle in a focused story dealing with streets, friendships, loyalty, missing organs, sleuthing, and the razor's-edge life of the shadowrunners of the Ork Underground.

Strap in, we're going Underground.

Spilt på

Ropecon (2018)

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