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Gangs of Umbar - Silence Before the Storm

Forside til Gangs of Umbar - Silence Before the Storm

System: LARP


ArrangørChristian Guldberg
ArrangørNicolaj Hartmann
ArrangørCarl Munch


The great southern tides are on the rise.
Black sailed ships, filled with grim and greedy corsairs. Fleets of fanatic marines bearing the symbol of the Eye on their shields, leave the old City of Umbar in great numbers. Tales of plunder and conquest are heard across the waters.
To the gangs, guilds and other criminals of the city, nothing speaks a clearer language.
A great war is coming. And to those who control the resources that these soldiers and pirates needs, much wealth is to be made.
Welcome to gangs of Umbar!
More info will follow in the next couple of weeks 🙂
Stay tuned!

Antall ganger spilt

10. - 12. mars 2023, Ulvsborg Historiske Værksted, Danmark [avlyst]
1. april 2024, Ulvsborg Historiske Værksted, Danmark


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