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System: LARP
Deltakere: 4 players


✏️Elisabeth Cohen
✏️Sarah Judd
ArrangørSarah Judd


In Contact, players are elite members of the League Survey. After some time exploring an uncharted planet, the doctor was unknowingly infected with a parasite. The doctor was able to stop the parasite for just long enough to warn everyone, and then all doors shut and outside communications were shut down, which can only be done through override. That means the parasite is still controlling one of you, but who? And even once you figure that out… what do you do about it?

Players will be given a casting questionnaire, a character sheet (~6 pages), and world bluesheet to read pre-game. During game, there may be approximately 2 more pages of reading. There will also be some amount of playing with games to solve puzzles that represent technobabble.

Content warnings: The game handles serious themes in much the same way Star Trek does. Backstories deal with:

Racism (none of the characters are racist; one has experienced racism)
Interplanetary war and attempted genocide (again, not on the part of the characters)

This larp also plays with:
* Losing some control of yourself to an outside entity

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Otherworldly Consequences (2021)

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