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Do ‘The Shake N Vac’ & Put The Eldritch Back

System: Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition
Deltakere: 1 GM, 2-4 players


ArrangørPaul Lawrence


Timeline: 1980’s UK

You are members of ‘The Laundry’: a top-secret British intelligence agency dedicated to protecting the human race from nefarious supernatural phenomenon beyond space & time using both modern (ZX Spectrum’s & firearms) and ancient (dangerous artifacts & even more dangerous, Spells) occult methods.

In tonight’s episode, a disturbance of possession outside a public phone box requires your attention. According to the police the bloke is shouting ‘You Sog Off!’ and they have cordoned off the area after an ‘incident’ that requires the ‘spooks’ (that will be you) immediate attention. You scramble out of the office in hot pursuit… in your Austin Allegro. Damn it! That requisition for the Opel Kadett still hasn’t cleared through those plonkers in Accounts!

(Warning : Mature Themes)

(Main Themes : based on Charles Stross’ Laundry novels [no knowledge required], but in the UK 1980s. Bureaucracy, ZX Spectrums, Investigation & Combat)

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Continuum (2022)

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