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Boston by Night: Ties of Blood

System: LARP


✏️Stephen Dipesa
✏️Kevin Talbot


It's been two years since the Sabbat took Boston. Unlike other Sabbat cities this was captured after the Pander revolution. The sect is in the throws of a glorious change. And Boston, has become a symbol for that. Here, even Lasombra and Tzsimisce give a wide berth to the Ravnos Antitribu Archbishop, the first of his kind to hold such a title. It is in Boston that the sect's hope to persevere through the fires of Gehenna is given true meaning. And it is here that the Nod scholars seldom speak of their discovery... But others will soon try to possess this city. It is the belief of many Sabbat that if the city can survive a kine revolution, and a Sabbat Crusade then this will be the first line of defense against the elders when the end times come...

Spilt på

Intercon XIII (1998)

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