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Principia Mathemagica: The Secret Council of 1688

System: LARP
Deltakere: 20-30 players

Arrangert av

Dr. Thunderbeard Productions


✏️Aaron Boyden
✏️Roan LaPlante
✏️Abe Pressman
✏️Aaron Silverman

Intercon U: Ultraviolet (2023), Crowne Plaza, Warwick, Rhode Island, USA

ArrangørAbe Pressman
ArrangørTalia Rugg
ArrangørMaher Tahhan


*Note: No knowledge of history or science is needed or expected to play this game! All are welcome.*

* * *

**It's the summer of 1688—a good time for the Christian world.** A coalition of states has just stopped the Ottoman Empire’s advance into Central Europe, and new alliances trace their way across the continent. On other fronts, the Scientific Revolution has reached a fever pitch, as brilliant mathematicians Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibniz publish competing, world-changing treatises on the new field of calculus.

But under the surface, conflicts are brewing... and maybe more than just another war. **In an unprecedented move, Pope Innocentius XI has called for a secret, immediate gathering of Christian leaders.** The why and what are still under wraps, but if you’re here, you’ve heard the rumors. **It seems that the Vatican is sitting on something strange and dangerous.** Secrets of the Templars? A newly discovered book of the bible? The prevailing rumor, though, is that among Galileo Galilei’s notebooks—confiscated in 1634—the Inquisition found a comprehensive set of mathematical rules connecting modern science to the “magic” of classical alchemy, in a way that might be about to change the world.

For whatever reason, the Vatican has invited both Europe’s greatest rulers and its greatest scientists. **The guest list is practically a who's-who of 17th-century historical figures:** from Louis XIV of France to Peter the Great, to dueling inventors of pocket-watches and calculus. The real purpose of the gathering has yet to be announced. But this is also the largest meeting of rulers and great minds in a century, and a lot of people are looking forward to do business at the conference—from diplomatic agreements, to marriage arrangements, to secret treaties, theft, and maybe even assassination.

* * *

**Principia Mathemagica is a historical fanfiction game,** packed full of all the most interesting parts of late-1600s Europe (and a few interesting parts that never *officially* happened). Expect secrets and powers, scientific rivalries, historically-accurate math duels, extravagant aristocrats, steam and sorcery, cults of reason, ancient monsters, hidden rituals, Newtonian physics, challenges of courage and strength, religious conflicts, palace intrigue, lost cities, secret werewolves, politicians vs philosophers vs priests, and a debate over Russia’s 17th-century tax on beards.

(And if you’re a visitor who’s just here to prevent damage to the timeline... well, we apologize in advance.)

* * *

*The Secret Council of 1688 is a complete rewrite of the original Principia Mathemagica. If you played a version of the game before and enjoyed it, you'll probably like the newer version as well. Certain core plots and secrets remain the same, but many characters have been added, removed, or substantially expanded.*

* * *

**Character Gender Note:** This is a game of historical fanfiction. While most of Principia's characters are based on actual historical figures, the majority of whom identified as male, that's not super important to us. We're aiming to be very flexible with both how characters are cast and how you choose to play them (there will be questions about this in the survey).

**Mask Policy:** Currently, this game is listed as masks-optional, though this may change depending on case numbers closer to the date of the con. If you have special concerns or requests about this, feel free to reach out to the GMs.

Spilt på

Intercon U: Ultraviolet (2023)

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