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Secret Booty: Pearl Harbor

Forside til Secret Booty: Pearl Harbor

Deltakere: 4-6 players


DesignerDamian Becedas
DesignerJohan Harr
DesignerHelge Herrstöm
DesignerHans Eric Luiz Jingryd
DesignerJonas Lundin
DesignerJohan Melkersson
DesignerBjörn Wieselgren Neuhauser


Secret Booty is a classical board game in which three to six players compete for resources in the form of treasures in a pirate setting. The main mechanics of the game are digging for treasure and stealing it from other players. Players can co-operate when digging for treasure or choose to play alone. Robbing each other is also allowed, making for an interesting dynamic of turning on your friends, and while playing together is incentivized, you often need to go rogue in order to win. You can use different weapons in order to overcome your opponents. The game board is meant to represent an archipelago of caribbean islands where the players move interchangeably between the different areas of the map.

45 mins.

Spilt på

Malmö Protospiel 2019 (2019)

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