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All for one and death for all

System: 17th Century Minimalist
Deltakere: 1 GM, 3-6 players


ArrangørEmil Hansson


The plague runs wild. A civil war burns hot. A plot has been uncovered...
At dawn the Cardinal Mazarin's thugs will assassinate queen regent Anne and kidnap the boy king Louis XIV. Then France will be Mazarin’s to rule with an iron fist, and liberté will be no more.
A small group of musketeers and outcasts must travel through the ghastly catacombs of Paris and cross the chaotic city before it is too late! But how far dare they venture underground before they take to the streets? And are the plague-ridden, war struck-streets really better than facing whatever evil lurks in the catacombs?
A swashcrawling adventure under horrible circumstances!

Spilt på

KryptCon VII (2022)

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