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Fortitude #LarpForClimate

Forside til Fortitude #LarpForClimate

System: LARP
Deltakere: 35 players


✏️Zbigniew Janczukowicz

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Zip Scenarie [engelsk] (197,6 MB)
Zip Scenarie [polsk] (242,4 MB)
Zip Scenarie [ukrainsk] (238 MB)


It is the year 2050, the edge of climate catastrophe. Australia was declared inhabitable for human population. Their representatives on migration are called for an extraordinary political peak. Which continent will fall the next? Greenwashing and private interest of the states will clash with a vulnerable goal of saving the planet Earth.

You will play an educational larp about global climate decision-making policies and receive a full scenario in English to use at your own.

Editors: Nausika Educational Foundation

Spilt på

PoRtaL 9: Athens (2021)
Knutpunkt (2022)

Andre oppsetninger

4. - 8. oktober 2021, International Tool Fair XV, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal
2. august 2022, Take on the Role Project, Slunakov, Tsjekkia
14. - 21. august 2022, 5th BNP Paribas Green Film Festival, Krakow, Polen
20. september 2022, Europe in Times of Crisis Project, Berlin, Tyskland


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