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Ties That Bind

System: LARP
Deltakere: 12-20 players

Arrangert av



ArrangørAlexander Alexiou


“The water of the womb runs thinner than the blood of the covenant”

From the moment we are born, people are cast onto us – people we sometimes choose and people that just happened to be there. And in this game, we will focus on the people that happen to be there. People that we sometimes try to drift away from, yet they always end up closer than expected. Life is strange and difficult and sometimes it bites.

But it is precisely our choice; how we choose to fight.

We call upon you to live – to fight – and to bond. We call upon you to play and to explore. We call upon you to see with your own two eyes.

Content Warnings: Vivid, traumatic and/or tragic experiences may be referenced during play as a real life thematic on the premise of the game, but will by no means be actively represented or visually/graphically interpreted.
People who may experience PTSD based on real life experiences or that will be heavily influenced by such notions should be warned beforehand.

Spilt på

The Smoke (2022)
PoRtaL 10: Kraków (2022)

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