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A Ship By Any Other Name

System: LARP
Deltakere: 6 players


✏️Megan Coppock
✏️Josh Sheena

Summer Larpin' (2022), Boxboro, Massachusetts, USA

ArrangørMegan Coppock (GM)


In a last ditch effort to stand up against the tyrannical Trust, the Uprising throws in their lot with radical botanists who have developed a way to grow plant-based starships which utilize LEAF Technology. The only catch? A human has to be Grafted into each starship. This six-player game is about the emotional final moments and goodbyes before the Grafting Process for a group of ShipGraft candidates and their destined pilots. The game’s conclusion will take the characters through the Grafting Process and leave them on the cusp of their next adventure.

Themes will include body horror, being restrained in small spaces, transhumanism and the potential loss of self, abandonment, and the end of a relationship as you know it. Backstory elements include a variety of trauma, including but not limited to child slavery, human trafficking, death of a parent, neglect of a parent, and being a victim or enabler of systemic/tyrannical oppression.

This game has no mechanics to get in the way of the feels.

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Summer Larpin' (2022)

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