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Nebula's Edge

System: LARP
Deltakere: 10 players


✏️Alex Helm

Otherworldly Consequences (2021), Online, Storbritannia

ArrangørAlex Helm

Summer Larpin' (2022), Boxboro, Massachusetts, USA

ArrangørQuinn D (GM)


For a thousand years, the galaxy has been at peace, with most civilised worlds signing the Kadera Accords to become members of the interstellar Alliance of Worlds. Earth is a signatory, and it provides support to the Alliance in the form of the Stellar Navy, a military peacekeeping force that battles the Alliance’s enemies, explores new worlds and upholds the Accords.

A couple of years ago, a Stellar Navy starship called the SN Covenant ventured into the distant Lykus Nebula – the first Alliance ship to ever do so. Nebulas are notoriously difficult to traverse due to the dust causing navigation and visual problems. However, the Covenant found a world with sentient life – the spiritual Lyssian species. As per Alliance protocol, the Covenant’s crew introduced themselves to the Lyssian and made offerings of knowledge and resources. It was a typical First Contact mission, and it was successful. In return, the Lyssian offered up their most holy individual – the Ascendant – to travel on the Covenant and see the wider galaxy.

Two years have passed since then. As per Alliance protocol, it’s time for the SN Covenant to return to the Lyssian to see how they’re getting on and to encourage them to sign the Kadera Accords and join the Alliance of Worlds.

This is a zero-mechanics [British] freeform game about making second contact, inspired by science fiction books and shows such as Star Trek. Lyssian characters don’t have genders. The Alliance characters are player chosen.

Spilt på

Otherworldly Consequences (2021)
Summer Larpin' (2022)

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