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Blossoming Magic

System: LARP
Deltakere: 6 players, (3 escort/chaperone, 3 heir/magical seed)


✏️Aislinn McCormack
✏️Sean McCormack

Summer Larpin' (2022), Boxboro, Massachusetts, USA

ArrangørAislinn McCormack (GM)
ArrangørSean McCormack (GM)


Certain souls are born with a magical seed. When it sprouts and blossoms, it begins to take the shape of creatures from myths and legends. It may grow past and supplant the barriers of the soul, spreading its roots and branches to every part of the being. Or it may remain inside the soul, forming a garden there within which it rests.

The first are called Incarnate Magi as they now are such legendary beings unrestrained by human limitations and greater in both thought and action. They are capable of taking a hybrid form, something where their human nature and the myth meet. If they see the need, they can even shed the restraints of a human and fully utilize their legendary power. However, such power is at a price. It is rare for any of them to ever be able to restrain themselves back into a human shape again after, necessitating seclusion from society and often leading to their deaths.

The rarer alternatives are called Jewel Magi for their souls now contain something incredibly precious within. Or perhaps the name comes from the fact that they, unlike their kin, need tools to draw out their power, tools that require rare gems and materials to make. The Jewel Magus often starts far weaker than the Incarnate as they must gather the equipment and training to properly draw out their power. But they have much more potential to grow and at times more flexibility in the application of their magic. The height of their ability is adorning themselves in regalia of their mythical beast and in very rare cases summoning its image. Some Jewel Magi are said to have sprouted a second time, blossoming into an Incarnate Magus.

In ancient times, the only way to guarantee the magical seed sprouted was through trauma - emotional or physical though the former is more effective. However, magical society has advanced past such barbaric ways. Ritual sites exist and every few years when the stars align, heirs are escorted to a site so that they might finally blossom into the Magus they are supposed to be. It is not perfected, the ritual is not yet harmless. A portion of the ritual can be considered a mental attack preying on the fears and doubts of the soon to be Magus. But these are things a proper noble Magus should be capable of withstanding and facing.

Today three would be Magi are escorted to a ritual site by three chaperones respectively. There they will find what type of Magus they will blossom into while their escorts oversee the process and ensure the ritual site is properly maintained.

Blossoming Magic is a 2 hour game about three magi family heirs going to a ritual to awaken their magic and three escorts overseeing them and the process. The heirs have a large oppertunity to grow but will need to face trauma in a way they haven’t had to before. The three escorts have faced some trauma in the past and know more about the world as large - including secrets that are often kept from those that have not yet become magi

There exists some light mechanics and possibility of combat.

Spilt på

Summer Larpin' (2022)

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