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3 AM Forever

System: LARP
Deltakere: Participation Design Agency


✏️Bjarke Pedersen
✏️Juhana Pettersson
ArrangørTroels Barkholt-Spangsbo
ArrangørBjarke Pedersen
ArrangørJuhana Pettersson
ArrangørJørn Slemdal
ArrangørEleanore Saitta (Light Design)


The Orpheus Theatre is known for the hazy, unreal midnight celebrations following its premieres and productions. Actors, art students, derelicts, junkies, the stars of yesterday, and the promising talent of tomorrow all creep in for that sordid dance-floor magic, for the slow, horny chaos of drugged up 3 AM confusion. Emerging in the early hours, steeped in bizarre regrets and haunting memories, you wonder whether everything really happened.

There are plenty of rumours that strange tragedies follow people at these parties, and that being involved in the theatre’s productions is dangerous. Few bother to see the shows – small weird affairs with short runs, and bizarre, haunting imagery. They come for the parties

There is a reason why The Orpheus is too strange to succeed, yet pulls in the hungry, the lonely, and the yearning. The fae lurk in the shadows, eager to touch the reality and spark of a human being. Eager to be changed by it. The fae feed every ambition and creative impulse, no matter how dangerous or self-destructive. For the faeries at their eternal party, there is no beauty as striking as that of human desperation.

Dance, human. Dance at the risk of having to dance for ever.

3 AM Forever is a larp set at the party following a premiere at The Orpheus. In the hours from when the show ends to the end of the night, you will lose yourself in your dreams, stumbling out as both less and more than what you were before. The memories of what you did might fill you with dread but you'd do it all over again.

3 AM Forever is:
• A party larp set in the present day
• Works heavily with meta-techniques to portray fae glamour
• Light and audio as tools to transport the characters to another world
• Will begin with a 2 hour workshop followed by 5 hours runtime
• Most participants will be playing humans

In 3 AM Forever, you will dance, flirt, take risks, do something dumb, lose yourself, start a fight, reconcile, get seduced, make a bad bet, gossip, double down on your mistakes, lie, confess, and discover your heart's desire. You'll lose control as the boundaries between the real and the fae begin to blur. As the magic of the eternal party overwhelms you it matters less and less who's fae and who isn't. Eventually all act as the faerie.

3 AM Forever is the first in The Wild Hunt series of fae larps.

Antall ganger spilt

12. august 2022, Copenhagen, Danmark
13. august 2022, Copenhagen, Danmark


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