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Nuka Dawn

Deltakere: 1 GM, 3-4 players


A strange ritual happens away for the Fortress of Luxembourg, there is a strange light ahead and noise. It has attract the Dave, a group of strange crazy clones but they are not going in the Forest of the Grund, they are assembling their murderous and cannibal group outside the wall, looking awkward at the Forest. You are mandated by the Bourg Maester of Luxembourg’s Fortress to investigate and use force if necessary but you have to make them leave and then you have to go in the Forest of Grund to resolve the mystical colour coming from the End of the Forest. System Dice 10 (World of Darkness)

Spilt på

Festival européen de l'imaginaire - LuxCon the EuroCon - Europäisches Fantastikfestival (2022)

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