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Your security clearance is not high enough for the title of this adventure

System: D&D 5th Edition
Deltakere: 1 GM, 4-5 players


✏️Paul Dean
✏️Grant Howitt
✏️James Wallis
ArrangørThomas Diaz Velasco


Long ago, due to [CLASSIFIED], humanity’s only hope was to create and isolate itself in Alpha Complex, leaving Friend Computer in charge of running it. Now it’s year 214, it has been for [$information-NOT-found] and humanity is happy living in this paradise. However, there are those that irrationally refuse to experience the mandatory happiness and have formed [CLASSIFIED], they have been declared traitors and are the greatest enemy of stability.

-Repeating the previous statement is considered treason. Alpha Complex is peaceful, and all its citizens are law abiding… citizens. Unless they are mutants. Being a mutant is treason. Mutants do not exist. You will play a trouble-shooter who will help Friend Computer to complete missions that are simple, rewarding and not dangerous at all, but just in case, you have a few clones that can be deployed to replace you (providing the correct forms have been filed satisfactorily).

The world of Paranoia might seem ridiculous but admitting to it is treason and might be reason enough to cause slow, painful dismemberment to ascertain if you are a mutant before your death. The death part is certain. Thank you, citizen, have a wonderful day.

Spilt på

AireCon 7 (2022)

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