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Murder at the Loudlucre Villa

System: D&D 5th Edition
Deltakere: 1 GM, 4-6 players


✏️Thomas Diaz Velasco

AireCon 7 (2022), Harrogate Convention Centre, Harrogate, Storbritannia

ArrangørThomas Diaz Velasco

UK GamesExpo (2023), NEC and Hilton Metropole Hotel, Birmingham, Storbritannia

ArrangørThomas Diaz Velasco


The Loudlucre family are hosting one of their lavish feasts and have invited the crème de la crème of the literary world. That means you too, so you are looking forward to meeting the affluent, the talented, the inspired and the erudite. Gatherings in the famous noble villa are always to die for, but this time that might be a bit too literal.

This is a murder mystery D&D scenario full of intrigue and subterfuge, it is not your typical hack and slash dungeon crawler, and it takes place in an arena seldom glimpsed by adventurers, while still set in a high fantasy world. You will take control of an atypical D&D character and join others to solve this sordid mystery. Although knowledge of the D&D system is not necessary, familiarity with TTRPG’s is expected. This is a heavy role-playing, theatre of the mind scenario. Although, in such treacherous atmosphere combat might break up, it is not expected, so, tacticians and power gamers might not find this game to their liking.

Spilt på

AireCon 7 (2022)
UK GamesExpo (2023)

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