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Different from All Other Nights

System: LARP


✏️Anne Ratchat


Styles of Play: Freeform larp, Larp, Streaming/Online Face to Face, Video/Transmedia, Performance (ie song, lipsynch, dance etc.)

Children always have a way of making the Passover Seder special for themselves. Your family’s childhood tradition is a little bit special, the annual Passover play, written and performed in one night with no limitation, just a pure expression of creativity. It is always an interpretation, varying each year in seriousness and accuracy, of the story of the ten plagues and the subsequent exodus, ending right as the Jews leave. What was started as a way to keep the kids and their goyim friends entertained by passing on what the kids had learned in Sunday School has become a highlight of the Seder, as no one ever knows what to expect.

Tags: Passover, Play, Children

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Golden Cobra Challenge (2021)


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