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Duels in the Tower of Eternity: An Epistolary Game of Sacrifice and Revolution

System: LARP


✏️Abigail Stone
✏️Mark Stone


Styles of Play: Freeform larp, Larp, Letter Writing, Streaming/Online Face to Face

Two elite boarding schools, two groups of rivals dueling for the opportunity to change the world, and two friends caught in the middle. What are you willing to sacrifice to win the Prize?

Tags: epistolary, duels, revolution

Spilt på

Golden Cobra Challenge (2020)


Golden Cobra Challenge (2020)

Winner, Best Roles
Duels in the Tower of Eternity has a truly unique way of developing character through interspersing solo LARPs that involve strong and evocative physical activities with narrative beats the characters experience on their way to their final duel. The game is an unequivocal delight for anyone who loves Revolutionary Girl Utena, while still conveying something groundbreaking and special to those who are unfamiliar. Incorporating such vivid physical activities as a sustained part of character development throughout the game (which is played over multiple remote sessions) is truly original, and we can't wait to play.


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