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ACIS: Adventurer Caregivers In Support (of Adventurer Caregivers)

System: LARP
Sjanger: Fantasy


✏️Kate Hill


Styles of Play: Freeform larp, Larp, Letter Writing, Streaming/Online Face to Face

Intro: Being the parent or caregiver of an adventurer is stressful. Be they prophesied for greatness, runaway royals, or even following in the family’s footsteps, you never know when they will get injured, cursed, or resurrected as a dire boar. In this game, each player will both play a former character of theirs from a tabletop game and the caregiver of another adventurer. Scenes take place during an support group that is happening via magical viewing devices and are interspersed with letter writing about your former character’s adventures to their caregiver. Will you be able to learn to cope with your fears? Will you find the support you need? And how will your relationship with your ward change?

Tags: fantasy, family dynamics, support groups

Spilt på

Golden Cobra Challenge (2020)


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