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Julia's Lost Treasures

System: LARP


✏️Tim Devine


Styles of Play: Freeform larp;Streaming/Online Face to Face;Arts & Crafts

Julia's Lost Treasures is a free-form game for 2 to 6 players where you will be piecing together the life of a person who helped shape yours. It can be played in person or online in under 2 hours. The game was inspired, in part, by the life of Julia Sudakis, aka "Auntie".

Tags: Memories, Runaways, Mourning, Resolution

Spilt på

Golden Cobra Challenge (2019)


Golden Cobra Challenge (2019)

Nominated, Judges' Choice Honorable Mentions
Julia’s Lost Treasures by first-time freeform game writer Tim Devine is a bittersweet game with the potential to be quite intense. In it you take on the roles of adults who once were in the care of a secretive woman named Julia who has just passed away. Now you have the task of going through some of her belongings in order to find something she has left behind for you, and along the way you discover more about who she really was. Julia’s Lost Treasures is very well written with much care and consideration put into the structure, instructions, and emotional weight.


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