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Heroic Measures

System: LARP
Sjanger: Fantasy


✏️Daniel Eison
✏️Sam Zeitlin


Styles of Play: Freeform larp

Krondar the Mighty is dying, and this time it looks like it's going to stick. "Heroic Measures" is a freeform scenario about medical decision-making at the end of life for fantasy heroes, based on the actual principles and practice of palliative care. An adventuring party must come together to share memories and help choose the magical care that will best help their companion die with dignity. This scenario lets participants explore the very real challenges of judgment and consensus around the care of someone unable to voice their own choices, couched in the familiar tropes of fantasy adventure, and maybe think more about their own wishes, worries, and plans for their loved ones and themselves.

Tags: medical, fantasy, serious, end-of-life, decision-making

Spilt på

Golden Cobra Challenge (2018)


Golden Cobra Challenge (2018)

Winner, Best Game That Teaches A Skill
Daniel Eison and Sam Zeitlin's game Heroic Measures brilliantly positions a heavy topic - end-of-life decision-making and care - at a genre remove that allows players to approach it this intense subject with both safe detachment and seriousness of purpose. Krondar the Mighty is dying, and all the magic in the world isn't going to save him. It's time to make the hard choices and have the hard conversations about what the greatest barbarian this side of the High Forest would want as his life slowly slips away. The Committee could see this being played to help people appreciate the gravity of end-of-life decisions, and learn how to make them with clarity and compassion.


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