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System: LARP


✏️Steve Segedy


(Live Action)

In a massive electronic waste heap in Ghana, sentient robots struggle to survive and understand their new lives. RESTART is a live-action role-playing game about these robots, designed to be played in 2 hours by 3-9 players in an open space. Everyone will take on the role of a machine or a human, with a few players acting as facilitators as well.

Tags: Serious, Science Fiction, Survival

Spilt på

Golden Cobra Challenge (2014)


Golden Cobra Challenge (2014)

Nominated, Honorable Mentions
RESTART is a future story of sentient machines struggling to survive in Ghana. While it would be easy to simply enjoy playing robots finding their way in a bewildering world, RESTART has so much more going on underneath the hood. It subtly (and sometimes not so subtly) introduces themes of cultural alienation, community, minority struggles, and the socio-economic impacts of globalization. It's no mistake that the game is set in a country that constantly grapples with human rights issues. All of these elements are expertly incorporated into a rich narrative of endurance and freedom. If anything, the judges felt like the game needed a little more time to fully stretch its legs than the mere two hours that were the contest's parameters.


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