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Venting Day II

System: LARP
Deltakere: 9-15 players

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✏️Chris Shannon


The science vessel Damocles exploded in front of your eyes as it approached the docking bay. The scientists and friends aboard were instantly gone as a quantum blast shook your base. Unbelievably, the mighty station Persephone ruptured, and began to tear itself to pieces. You ran for the best chance you had, an isolated med bay, Critical Care Suite Six. Now, in a self-contained shelter, you and a group of survivors wait as your space station vents energy, air, and memories into space.

Venting Day II is a narrative, 4 hour theater LARP that mixes a cataclysmic tragedy with resource management presented in a set of choices and challenges. Every character has something to offer and will deal with the emergency, emotionally or intellectually, in the course of the game, whether they have skills, emotional understanding, or experiences beyond the standard dimension. Some players will be asked to solve puzzles, some will have secrets, others will recover lost memories..

Venting Day II extends the events of Venting Day, but is also a separate isolated game, so nor prior knowledge or previous gameplay required. Players will work with the GM to choose the main features of their modular characters, and the game will follow a set of choose your own adventure paths as the players individually and as a group make plans to try and survive until help arrives.

With time running out, your decisions determine your survival.

Spilt på

Intercon U (2022)

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