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Prom Night... FROM HELL

System: LARP
Deltakere: 15-45 players

Arrangert av

Drowning Moon Studios


✏️Joie Martin


#### Drowning Moon Studios Presents # Prom Night... ## FROM HELL

Inspired by 80s/90s cult classics like *The Craft*, *Scream*, *Heathers*, *Jawbreaker*, and that one scene in *Buffy the Vampire Slayer*, **Prom Night...FROM HELL** combines over-the-top teen drama and supernatural horror with a dash of acerbic levity. It's a rules-light, secrets and powers style game, with a strong emphasis on collaborative roleplaying, character interaction, and escalating melodrama.


*The senior class and faculty of East Meteor Springs High School have come together for what is arguably the most important night of their lives. After the tragic loss of Homecoming Queen Heather Baldwin in a freak parade float accident in early October, then the mysterious disappearance of all-state Academic Decathlete Gil Pembrooke just after Spring Break, a night of dancing and crepe paper decorations is exactly what the student body needs to distract them from a difficult academic year. But East Meteor Springs is a town full of secrets, and this is one night when even the dead won’t stay buried.*

This game takes place at East Meteor Springs High School's Senior Prom in the spring of 1996. Players will be portraying high school seniors and faculty, so be sure to break out your best 90's prom look! All characters for this game are pre-written, and we will assign your character after you fill out a questionnaire. Characters are divided into six broad student cliques: geeks, drama kids, popular kids, misfits, art kids, and student government, as well as a seventh group, faculty. Character sheets are approximately 2-3 pages long and have detailed backgrounds, objectives and connections to other characters. Many characters also have secrets that will make a big impact when released, so we ask that players not share sensitive information from their character sheets before they get in play.

Prom Night... FROM HELL has minimal combat, and all physical conflicts between characters are negotiated. Characters who lose conflicts determine how they are injured, how debilitating it is, and if and when their character dies. Dying is not the end of the game, however, and players may continue playing their characters after death. More info about metatechniques, mechanic and safety rules can be found here: []

The game's website can be found here, and has a lot of information about game structure, themes and available characters: []

##### *Come for the nostalgia... stay for the ritual sacrifices! And remember... no one can stop you from being crowned Prom Queen if all your competition is dead!*

Spilt på

Intercon U (2022)

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