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The Leonids

System: LARP
Deltakere: 7-12 players

Arrangert av

Paranoid & Crotchety


✏️Lily Benderskaya
✏️Tory Root


*It's November 17th, and despite the cold and work crunch, there's a handful of students from Auriga College out in a lonely mountain field watching the meteor shower. It's a beautiful clear night with a soft wind that rustles the pine trees, and the stars seem very close and bright, and time stretches like you could sit out here forever. There's barely any light, yet the field is luminous, if chilly. This is the most peaceful the campus has felt since that one student died a month ago. Even when the stars begin to fall...*

The Leonids is a low-plot, low-mechanics, roleplay-focused game about a bunch of art students going through it together. With some weirdness threaded through. It'll reward playing into your character's feelings, pursuing connections, and making your own narrative choices. This game contains themes of drug abuse, suicide, freshman anxiety meltdowns, and dealing with the aftermath of a violent death. Due to the small size of the game, it may be difficult to avoid dealing with any/all of the above, though there are roles which don't deal with these themes directly. Characters are written with predefined genders.

Winner of the Iron GM contest at Intercon S, 2019.

Spilt på

Intercon U (2022)

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