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Everybody Wants to Rule the World

System: LARP
Deltakere: 6-30 players

Arrangert av

Drowning Moon Studios


✏️Joie Martin


##### Welcome To Your Life *You are perversely invited to the 50th annual awards banquet for the Secret Society of Supervillains. Each year, you and your sinister associates gather together to boast of your most recent triumphs in evil. The most villainous among you will be awarded the coveted Grinning Skull and named this year’s Villain Supreme by the Society’s nefarious board of trustees. There’s only one catch--this year, there’s a rumored Hero in your midst.*

##### There's No Turning Back *During the course of the banquet, you will play up your evil exploits, decry your Hero nemesis, make sure your Supervillain rival doesn't hog the spotlight, ensure your darkest secret remains a secret, and stuff the ballot box in your favor. didn't think Supervillain Supreme was the only prize up for grabs, did you?*

##### All For Freedom and For Pleasure *Everybody Wants to Rule the World* is a laid-back comedy larp with minimal mechanics, where players adopt campy supervillain personas and compete to be this year's Supervillain Supreme. It requires minimal prep, as characters are created at the beginning of the game, and costuming is encouraged but not required to play. One character will be chosen to be a Hero in disguise, which will be determined by a random card draw. The game follows a two-act structure, with some good-natured CvC in the second half of the game.

##### Nothing Ever Lasts Forever The system used is original to *Everybody Wants to Rule the World*, and is a combination of consensual freeform and token-trading. It is very quick and easy to learn, and will be taught at the beginning of the game. The more inventive players are, and the more they embrace the spirit of the game, the more tokens they will gather which directly corrolates to how successful they are against rivals or enemies.

##### Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Spilt på

Intercon U (2022)

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