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It Belongs in a Museum

System: LARP
Deltakere: 11 players


✏️Kevin Martin
✏️Rosalind Martin

Summer Larpin' (2022), Boxboro, Massachusetts, USA

ArrangørRosalind Martin (GM)

Intercon U: Ultraviolet (2023), Crowne Plaza, Warwick, Rhode Island, USA

ArrangørKevin Martin
ArrangørRosalind Martin


You are a member of the Archive: a secret society whose goal is to know and keep safe of all the powerful secrets of the earth.

The Archive has been in turmoil recently. The Master Archivist made it known that they were to retire, and were looking for a replacement. You all started looking for ways to distinguish yourselves. Soon after that, the Master began cryptically warning of a great impending threat to the world. It would be necessary to find many of the objects of power around the world, and store them directly in the Archive.

Then the Master disappeared.

Change is coming and with it opportunity -- and danger.


It Belongs In A Museum is a semi-cooperative artifact-collecting LARP written by Rosalind and Kevin Martin. It is intended to be an entertaining journey through a mashup of many stories of hidden items of power. Inspirations from fiction include, but are not limited to, *The Librarians*, *The Mummy* series, and the *Indiana Jones* stories.

In the game, you may be an aspiring Archivist, or one of the talented people whom they partner with to do their dangerous work. You will probably have at least one unbelievable secret. You will certainly be looking for (and finding) things that surely aren't supposed to exist. You might be hoping to save the world as we know it -- or destroy it.

The game mechanic is designed to encourage cooperation between changing groups of multiple players, leaving nobody out. You won't be able to get anything done without working together, whether by going on short quests, meeting as a group, or discussing matters more privately. Resolution of combat or other challenges is done through a combination of storytelling and playing cards.

Spilt på

Intercon T: Turtles (2020)
Intercon U (2022)
Summer Larpin' (2022)
Intercon U: Ultraviolet (2023)

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