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Heroes of Dunshire

System: LARP
Deltakere: 18-24 players

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✏️Mike Young


Welcome to the small village of Dunshire!

Dunshire is home to a number of interesting townsfolk, and also hosts great Heroes that pass through the village on their way to adventure.

Dunshire stands at the edge of the great forest that is the boundary between the Shire's lands and those belonging to The Scourge-- terrible creatures who have been at war with the Shire for all of time.

Luckily, the village of Dunshire is warded against the Scourge and well protected by the Heroes who come there.

But something strange is going on.

The number of Heroes have been dwindling of late, with only a handful remaining. And rumor has it that the Scourge has been seen in town. What is going on?

Do you have what it takes to be a Hero of Dunshire?

Heroes of Dunshire is a 4 hour social and political LARP with some elements of questing. The LARP will not feature player vs player combat, but will have several plots in which characters are set against each other. Questing will be simulated with a storytelling system.

Characters will include members of the village, heroes, and members of the Scourge. All characters will be written gender neutral and will be the gender of the person portraying them.

_This LARP contains a twist secret which will change the LARP’s very nature when discovered. Some characters start the LARP knowing this twist; others will discover it in game. However, the author will reveal the twist or any spoilers to anyone who might be interested in the larp but are concerned about the twist. Please email the author directly with any questions or concerns._

_While the name of Dunshire is an homage to the game Cones of Dunshire from the tv show Parks and Rec, this LARP will have nothing to do with said game or tv show, not even including the twist. Sorry._

_Since it has been asked of me several times: the surprise twist is neither Lovecraftian nor Whovian. The characters are not dead._

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