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Queen of Queens

System: LARP
Deltakere: 6-16 players


✏️Timothy Yuan


You are a bee. In the beginning, you were just three pipe cleaners — two black, one yellow — formless and lifeless until The Queen of Queens created you with Her own hands and gave you life. She built for you and the other bees a velvet hive, a paradise to live in, and sang to you each evening in dulcet tones. She sang that She loved every one of her creations, and that She had a plan for each of you. And so you lived, buzzing about in idyllic bliss and basking in the warmth of Her love.

Now, finally, Her plan has begun. While you have known nothing but paradise, the Queen of Queens never intended for you to be eternally sequested away in velvet. And the world outside is bigger and scarier than you had ever previously imagined, where a Great Beguiler asks you questions that bore deep into your soul, and where the loving Creator you desperately pray to feels so oppresively distant.

*Queen of Queens* is a freeform larp about of faith, identity, and power in a setting where gods are humans and humans are little bees made of pipe cleaners. This is a (mostly) serious larp with an absurd premise that's mechanics-light, plot-light, and a little meta -- it isn't so much about what happens in the end, but rather how you get there and who you become. The game will be preceded by a brief workshop where players will create their characters and their own pipe-cleaner bees.

Spilt på

Intercon S: Smoke and Mirrors (2019)
Intercon T: Turtles (2020)

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