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System: LARP
Deltakere: 6-52 players, Player characters: 3-40, Non-player characters: 3-12

Arrangert av

Worth It Entertainment


✏️Meghan Hardiman
✏️Amanda Jones
✏️Vin Spadafora
✏️Jada Taylor
✏️Andrew Wood
✏️Eric Worthen


Hack'n'Slash is a throwback to those 80s RPG dungeon-crawlers you used to play - or still do if you found a cool barcade in your area. The Barbarian, Mage, Ranger, Bard, and Paladin will fight through rooms, solve puzzles, and unlock secrets in the Tomb of Morlock the Grotesque.

Hack'n'Slash is a high-combat fantasy game of might and magic. Players will enter in groups of four and go through numerous rooms. The Tomb of Morlock the Grotesque is filled with sights and sounds that will both haunt and mesmerize you! Seriously, do not look the Medusa directly in the ... too late. Hack'n'Slash is broken down into multiple Stages. In order to continue to the next Stage, you must find the Golden Key. Once you survive to the Final Stage, you may be privy to Morlock's greatest treasures! That is, if you don't wake the dread lich themself!

Hack'n'Slash will use a variation of Accelerant rules. If you are not familiar with Accelerant rules, do not worry, we will explain them through email and have people on site to help answer any questions you might have. We will not be able to provide weapons to players, however, if you sign up to NPC, we will have weapons for you to use. We will be checking weapon safety at the door so if you are unsure if your weapon is safe, please consult us before game and bring a back up.

If you want to try boffer fighting for the first time, this game is very much for you. There will be few calls for you to remember and fighting is intended to be quick so you do won't have a long slog of a battle.

The style of this LARP is unlike many at Intercon. A team will enter the dungeon and move from one room to another. Once they have passed a certain amount of rooms, another team will enter. We expect combat to be quick, and the puzzles to be fairly simple with an emphasis on pacing and fun. Once you have completed a Stage, you may wait until the top of the next hour, when the next Stage will open up. That's right, you will dungeon crawl for a 10-20 minutes and then get to relax, have a break, and come back once the next Stage is set.

If you love Gauntlet, boffer combat, or want short runs that allow you to take multiple breaks, this LARP is for you.

Spilt på

Intercon S: Smoke and Mirrors (2019)

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