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Adult Survivors of Cinematic Childhood Trauma

System: LARP
Deltakere: 6-12 players

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Interactivities Ink


✏️Mike Young


_**Content Warning:** This larp is about educating people about PTSD in a safe environment, using popular movies as a metaphor for PTSD. However, PTSD will be mentioned, discussed, and examined, both in the larp and in the description below._

Adult Survivors of Cinematic Childhood Trauma is set at the first meeting of a public group therapy session. All of the characters are adults who, as children, were involved in fantastic adventures taken from popular movies. They may have been chased by dinosaurs, or been kidnapped by a goblin king, or jumped into chalk paintings, or could see dead people … for example.

They have grown up having to deal with the mental repercussions of their childhood adventures in a world where people will be unlikely to believe their stories. They will have triggers and will be encouraged to discuss their trauma. It is possible that parts of the larp will become loud and intense.

This larp examines post traumatic stress disorder. It is the goal of the larp to allow people to learn about and explore PTSD by using familiar stories as sort of safe, fictionalized device. It is the goal of the larp that PTSD be presented in an educational fashion, and players will be expected to read some articles about PTSD provided by the event runners before the larp. There will also be some workshops before the larp itself begins.

Characters will be assigned by the GM. As part of your character briefing for this larp, you will be requested to watch a full-length feature film. All characters will be taken from full-length feature films, and not from tv shows, or literature (unless those were made into full-length feature films). We will hand-wave away the fact that some films may have been set decades in the past.

As characters are being taken from media, they will be gendered as per their presentation in that film. However, the players will have some degree of input over what has happened to those characters after the film and may, at their discretion, change the character's gender as desired. Like displays of PTSD, we expect players to treat gender presentation with respect, knowledge, and empathy.

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Intercon S: Smoke and Mirrors (2019)

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