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Evil Magic Academy Breakfast

System: LARP
Deltakere: 4-10 players

Arrangert av

Mad Tea Party


✏️Stephen Tihor


A light hearted look at the Darker side of the Mystical Academia.

A few faculty members and visiting professors at one of the magical world's most feared institutions gather for conversation and food, safely away from the annoying students to discuss grading, finals, research, and domination of the magico-academic world.

A chance to bring your inner (or outer) villain out to play, talk shop, and be witty, clever, subtle, or chew scenery.

Characters will be a mix of classic tropes and player suggestions, in a rules light, character centric game. The character have big goals, the players don't need them. Just come and have fun. Depending on schedule and space we will arrange for food or take advantage of the hotel food facilities.

Any resemblance to _certain literary works or blockbuster games_ is entirely coincidental. Really You trust us, right?

We will have a set of traditional character tropes available and players will be given the choice of supplying their own, taking a character seed and growing it, or taking a fully pre- written character. As is the traditional in modern Magical Academe Game we will using internet communications to permit players to develop common backstories -- although for a lighthearted two hour game that should not be a serious time commitment on anyone's part.

The game is age and gender neutral unless the players make it otherwise. As with any game with the possibility of adult themes or -- well -- EVIL -- parental approval for players under 18 is expected.

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Intercon R (2018)

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