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Mike Young Art Larp Sampler

System: LARP
Deltakere: 4-8 players

Arrangert av

Interactivities Ink


✏️Mike Young


The art larp sampler will include three strange, experimental larps all written by Mike Young.

**"Gunner and Sarge"** is a two person 45 minute larp about two people in a foxhole during a war. It contains multiple surprises during the larp. The sampler will include 4 runs of it simultaneously in different parts of the room. The runs will not interact with each other. _This larp may involve romance between the two player characters whose genders will be set by the players. There are additional surprises; please contact the author if you wish to play but have concerns._

In **"(I Declare) Combat,"** the players portray a highly dysfunctional GM team in a larp where a mass combat has broken out and each player's action needs to be resolved by the GMs. The larp will involve arguing about interpretations of the rules, and players will be expected to play more than one character during the duration of the larp. I do not think this larp needs a content warning.

**"             "** is a very experimental larp about communication and symbolic interpretation. I... I don't really know what will happen during the larp or what it is about and it's deeper meaning. It may well be impossible to describe. I don't think it needs a content warning, but due to its nature players must be mobile and able to perceive colors.

Players below the age of 18 should have parental approval to play.

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Intercon Q (2017)

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