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Dead Man's Curve

System: LARP
Deltakere: 8 players


✏️Don Ross


_This car is automatic... It's systematic ... It's...hy-dromatic... Why, it's greased lightnin'!_

Only kids with something to prove would dare to race on I-42 outside of town. Only cowards would chicken out. Friends and other… interested parties… will be there as well, to see if Dead Man’s Curve shall claim another life.

A game of guys, fast cars, and the girls who love them.

* * *

Dead Man’s Curve was written by “Uncle Don” Ross and run during Intercons Gz and Hertz (the mini-con within Intercons G and H). As such, the total run time for the game will only be up to an hour and a half. The main focus of the game is the race, but everyone’s got CB radios and private issues to work out. Sign-ups for this event are gender-neutral, but the characters are all late-1950s gender- specific archetypes, so some players are likely to be cross-cast.

Players younger than 16 must check with GM prior to registration.

Spilt på

Intercon P (2016)
Intercon Q (2017)

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