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Uwe Boll's Christmas Special

Forside til Uwe Boll's Christmas Special

System: LARP
Deltakere: 6-10 players, Male characters: 3-5, Female characters: 3-5

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✏️Kat Jones
✏️Evan Torner

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PDF Scenarie [engelsk] (0,2 MB)


Google "world's worst film director," and you will find the name of Uwe Boll. His off-color video game adaptations and tasteless shooter flicks continuously shock, enthrall, bore and occasionally move DVD audiences worldwide.

But that does not mean he's not actually a misunderstood GENIUS as well. This is the game where you get to experience that genius. Boll is shooting a Christmas TV special and he NEEDS YOUR HELP.

"Uwe Boll's Christmas Special" is a two-hour, scene-based tongue-in-cheek larp in which players embody miscast actors starring in a horrific genre mash-up whilst being directed by a mad German with a Ph.D. and an amateur boxing record.

At least he's paying you in euros.

_[Note: Uwe Boll is all about offensive content: gross zombies, Nazis, ableism, kinky sex jokes, etc. The group will discuss its boundaries at the beginning of the game. Preferably players 18+ of age.]_

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Intercon M (2013)

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