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Devil to Pay

System: LARP
Deltakere: 26 players, Male characters: 16, Female characters: 10

Arrangert av

Lovers and Madmen


✏️Brian Richburg
✏️Alison Joy Schafer


_"And thy empire shall last / Till the black flag by inches is torn from the mast."_

The year is 1715 and the sun is setting on the West Indies. For the past 13 years, pirates have exploited the chaos of the War of Spanish Succession, sailing unchallenged while the British, Dutch, French, and Spanish forces were busy warring on one another. Once again at peace, though a delicate one, the European powers have turned their sights to ending the villainy that has stood unchecked for far too long. Now the Golden Age of Piracy is drawing to a close, and across the Caribbean black flags lie in tatters - replaced with standards of imperial blue, white and red.

With freedom fast becoming scarce, some of the seas’ most infamous pirates have become faithless turncoats, hunting their former brethren in service of any crown that would offer a pardon for a lifetime of greed and murder. Hunted down to the brink of extinction, and with the news that Tortuga had been cleared of their kind, the last of the great pirate lords look for safety in the failing stronghold of New Providence. As the British fleet tightens the noose around them, some dream of escape while others turn traitor. All know the truth, however: their crimes are great and their fate is well deserved, and may well already be sealed. But perhaps they will last brilliant flash on the horizon at dusk…

_Devil to Pay_ is a LARP of danger, adventure, and the scramble for power in a setting of cutthroat urgency. All characters will portray/costume as larger-than-life historical pirates. While characters and many plots are taken directly from history, significant creative liberties have also been taken.


- This LARP will feature a substantial amount of inter-personal connections - especially romance and bad blood. As such, character sheets may be sometimes graphic with scenes of sex and violence. As for romance, most characters will have multiple lovers in game. - The pirates in this LARP tend more toward the dark and the historical than to the lighter more romanticized pirates portrayed by films such as Pirates of the Caribbean. As such, players unwilling to play thieves and murderers may not enjoy this game. - Although not the focus of the game, some pirate legends include elements of the supernatural and mystical - which may or may not turn out to be real. - There is a strong possibility of character death at the end. (The setting is, after all, the end of the Golden Age of Piracy!).

Spilt på

Intercon M (2013)
Intercon P (2016)

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