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Resolution 2734

System: LARP
Deltakere: 20-30 players, Male characters: 5, Female characters: 5, Characters that are not strictly defined as male or female: 10-20


✏️Simon Deveau


**U.N. Security Council resolution 2734 - April 24, 2021** _Calls_ on all members of the U.N. to abide by the following restrictions concerning the effort to establish Mars as a conflict free zone. _Requests_ that no military armaments are exported to the Mars colonies that currently exist or will exist in the future. _Requests_ that the design and manufacture of armaments is not at any time part of the charter of the Mars colonies that currently exist or will exist in the future. **Earth – 4:52PM March 14th, 2089** The NASB (North America Security Block) forces facing the loss of their positions in Wilkes Land, Antarctica resort to the use of nuclear weapons. The forces of the ESB (Eurasia Security Block) and PSB (Pacifica Security Block) are wiped off the continent in a 60 second firestorm. The world holds its’ breath waiting to see if the first use of nuclear weapons since the South Asian Holocaust of 2033 will escalate into a global nuclear conflict potentially destroying the entire planet. **Mars – 5:30PM March 14th, 2089 (Earth Calendar)** As word spreads among the colonies of the crisis on Earth, the colony observatories train their telescopes on Earth looking for the first indications of a global nuclear war that could leave Mars as the only civilized planet in the solar system. Nervous delegates from the three colony groups arrive at an emergency meeting to make contingency plans in the event the unthinkable happens. Resolution 2734 has helped maintain peace on Mars for 70 years but there is much concern that this may fail to hold in the face of a larger conflict on Earth. Unfortunately the crisis on Earth is only one of several things that are threatening the stability on Mars and many questions must be answered before the best way forward can be determined. What is the extent of the recent revolt at the ESB colony? Where did the military weapons the rebels are using come from? Is there any connection between these events and the unexplained planet wide communications black out that occurred last month? What is the purpose of the two unscheduled and unidentified transports that have just pulled into a low orbit above the colonies? Characters will consist of Martian colonists at the emergency meeting site including the delegations from the three colony groups, ESB, PSB, and NASB. The game will start with the emergency meeting.

Spilt på

Intercon E (2005)

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