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Intrigue Beneath the Waves

System: LARP
Deltakere: 23-26 players, Male characters: 14-15, Female characters: 6-8, Characters that are not strictly defined as male or female: 3


✏️Dana Edgell
✏️Dean Edgell

Intercon E (2005), Chelmsford, Massachusetts, USA

ArrangørMarc Blumberg
ArrangørDean Edgell
ArrangørDrew Novick

Intercon K (2011), Boston, Massachusetts, USA

ArrangørMarc Blumberg
ArrangørChad Brinkley
ArrangørDavid Cave
ArrangørEileen Malony
ArrangørDrew Novick
ArrangørAJ Smith

Extraordinary Consequences (2011), Naish Holiday Village, Christchurch, Dorset, Storbritannia

ArrangørSteve Bassett
ArrangørSue Lee
ArrangørTony Mitton
ArrangørAJ Smith
ArrangørBrian Williams


The Year is 1887. The World is not quite our own. Queen Victoria rules Britannia and all her colonial possessions. The Great Powers of Europe stand on the brink of war. Unknown forces are at work in the world. Join us on a voyage of discovery to the bottom of the sea aboard a miraculous new bathysphere invented by the famous Prof. Coustonax. Match wits with notorious heroes, spies, rogues, diplomats, scholars, killers and worse. The occult mixes with mystery, love and danger in the chilling depths of the sea.

Join us to play _ **Intrigue Beneath the Waves** _, a game of heroes, villains, romance, intrigue, death and life. You can play one of the one of the passengers aboard a Victorian bathysphere descending into the depths of the sea.

_ **Intrigue Beneath the Waves** _ is a sequel of sorts to _ **Intrigue in the Clouds** _ which has run previously at Intercons. However, you do not need to have played that game to enjoy this one.

Spilt på

Intercon E (2005)
Intercon K (2011)
Extraordinary Consequences (2011)



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