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Fete d'anniversaire D'Ogun

System: LARP
Deltakere: 12-30 players, Male characters: 6-15, Female characters: 6-15


✏️Scott Mohnkern
✏️Shelly Mohnkern


Ogun, the Loa of Iron and the Forge, is unhappy. When Ogun gets unhappy, he tends to go off into the woods to be alone, while he sulks. While Ogun sulks, his works fall to the wayside. This is Not Good. Cars become less efficient, wars drag on and on, stuff slowly stops working well... and the people become unhappy. They wail and moan, and implore the Loa for relief from their woe-torn lives.

Some of the Loa, tired of the endless cries for help from their faithful, have decided to throw Ogun a huge birthday bash, to cheer his beleaguered soul. They have chosen the ultimate party location, New Orleans. The right party, in the right place, should do wonders for the grumpy Iron Loa. But there are other Loa who feel differently... with Ogun off sulking they have been able to increase their influence... and they like it that way.

Will these Loa scheme to ruin Ogun's party? Is the Pope Catholic?

Laizzes les bon temps rouler... and cross your fingers. The Loa are here to "par-tay"!

Spilt på

Intercon E (2005)

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