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Divus Ex: Convocation

System: LARP
Deltakere: 20-30 players

Arrangert av

Wild Gazebo. Productions


✏️Trey Reilly


Wise and terrible Odin has called for a Convocation of the Gods - a thing that has not happened since the dark continent of Africa was newly discovered, hundreds of years ago. One of his followers was recently blown off course, and stumbled upon a new land. A land of rich soil, and vast growing fields. When Odin journeyed there to see it for himself, he found it already populated. Deities from the Greek, Norse, Egyptian, Celtic, and Hindu pantheons have answered Odin's call, and meet to determine what their relationship will be with the newly-discovered Amerindian pantheon.

* * * You gaze down upon the mortal world from your home in the heavens. You alter the destinies of men, control the elements, crush empires on a whim. Mortals build altars and temples in your name, lie prostrate before you, and obey your every word. Think it's all nectar and ambrosia up here? Think again. You are but one of a multitude of gods-some good, some evil, others neutral and uncaring. Each has his own powers, his own sovereignty, and his own agenda. Use your powers, creativity and guile in a struggle to further your own schemes. Alter events in the mortal world and influence your fellow deities. In any case, avoid wreaking havoc with Blatant Acts or face the wrath of the Fates. But even their decree won't always stand firm. After all... YOU ARE A GOD. Divus Ex: Convocation is an original Wild Gazebo Productions LARP. We'll be using a modified version of the rules system Divus Ex, created by Three Fates Gaming.

Spilt på

Intercon E (2005)

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