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System: LARP
Deltakere: 17-20 players, Male characters: 10-12, Female characters: 7-8


✏️Vito D'Agosta
✏️Erin Price
✏️Ian Schleifer
✏️Susan Weiner


On a college campus in Virginia, black and white students are fighting for the chance to live and learn side by side in the same dorms. The college recently started accepting black students, but living quarters remain segregated. With careers, futures and race relations in the balance, faculty and students take a stand for their beliefs.

* * * The year is 2005. It's taken 35 years for the Confederate States of America to follow in the footsteps of the Free American Republic, but the counterculture movement is finally gaining momentum. With pressure from the American Union mounting, how will the University board resolve this crisis?

* * * A roleplaying heavy game dealing with complex social issues, set in an alternate history where the South won the civil war, and the country fractured into four nations.

Spilt på

Intercon E (2005)

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