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Babylon 5: Turning Tides

System: LARP
Deltakere: 22 players


✏️Janet Brennan
✏️John Casenelli
✏️Christopher Mello
✏️Chris Pinard
✏️Ray Roberts


It was a new age. It was the end of the beginning. The year is 2267. It has been six years since the First Ones have left us. The younger races now struggle to find their place in the galaxy, free of the influence of the Vorlons and Shadows. The galaxy stands on the brink of a golden age or a miasma of strife and blood. The Interstellar Alliance assembled by John Sheridan and Delenn moves into the beginning of its fifth year still reeling from a blood conflict with the Centauri Republic. Tension runs high in the midst of the wreckage of countless bodies, ships and worlds. The Second Shadow War may be over but its legacy lingers. Seemingly, no world or race is untouched by nearly a decade of war. The great Minbari Federation struggles to return to normal after a bloody civil war. The Narns attempt to rebuild after a century of conflict with the Centauri. The Centauri are alone in the galaxy, their capital in ruins. The Humans too have been sent reeling, first by civil war and now by the Telepath War that rages across their territory pitting the Psi Corps against the Remember Byron Movement and trapping the non-telepaths in the middle. As the great powers grow more insular, the lesser races struggle to maintain some semblance of stability. Civil war, genocide, and border wars threaten to topple the precarious balance of power. The Alliance and the Rangers have their work cut out for them. Seeing the need for better organization and cooperation between its members, the Interstellar Alliance has convened an assembly of its members’ trade ministers to discuss many pressing issues. The galactic economy stands upon a shaky foundation and the Alliance can no longer afford to allow the situation to continue as is. People facing uncertainty become afraid and frustrated. Frustration and fear lead to discontent. From discontent lay the path of war. At the behest of the Interstellar Alliance and in an attempt to reassure the galaxy that the Earth Alliance is still a strong, vital partner unshaken by the ravages of the Telepath War, EarthGov has offered facilities for the conference. The fact that the conference is being held aboard an Earth Force starbase in the Eridani system has raised some eyebrows. The Interstellar Alliance and Earth have cited security and travel convenience as the official reasons for the choice of locations. There is an old Human curse from China, "May you live in interesting times." I doubt there has been any time more interesting. And so, it begins... again. _Excerpt from "Commentaries of Light and Shadow" By Na’Brin, daughter of Dag’Koth Follower of G’Kar_

- You do not have to be a Babylon 5 guru to play this game; and if you are you will not be disappointed. Costuming is encouraged. You know you've been dying for some good spoo... so join us!

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Intercon E (2005)

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