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A Night at the Four Aces

System: LARP
Deltakere: 20-42 players


✏️John Corrado Jr.
✏️Gordon Olmstead-Dean
✏️Stephanie Olmstead-Dean


Gangsters, Spats, Flappers, Bootleggers, Hooch, Cards, Horses, Fast Boats, Big Cars, Aeroplanes, and Jazz in 1929!

It is 1929. America has never been more prosperous. Despite Prohibition, 'dry' America thirsts for hooch. Moonshine is manufactured in the mountains, and green beer in the cellars of Chicago, but the best illegal booze is the real stuff, brought in from Canada, where no liquor laws apply. Gangsters and smugglers work to keep America wet!

Lakeshore, Ohio is situated perfectly for smugglers. Located between Cleveland and Chicago on the Great Lakes, the town has a harbor and a civil airfield. Downtown, everyone's favorite nightspot is the Four Aces. This is the story of that club, and of some of the people whose lives crossed there.

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Intercon A (2001)

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