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The Dutchess of Enslo

System: LARP
Deltakere: 8-16 players


✏️MaryAlyce Rensa


The Dutchess lost her husband 5 years ago to a shipping accident. She always suspected foul play but never had proof. She devoted her energy into her magicks and has become a rather powerful wizard. Learning her true nature caused her to search for a rare artifact, that was broken down into three pieces. She has one, knew of the second and just recently was able to negotiate a "trade" for the item. Then she learned where the third piece was, and that has become a problem. Her arch nemesis of hers and her husbands, of many years, has the precious treasure. Now she has to use all her skills to reach her goals, and still not hurt any of the loyal citizens of her domain. They loved her for many years, but will they still love her if they knew who she really was?

Meanwhile, the Duke rose to power by killing his predecessor. He then desired to expand his domain, and cleverly killed his rival neighbor Duke in a freak shipping accident. However, he didn't count on the widowed Dutchess to be so good with politics and with the people. Her being a wizard just complicated the problem even more. But he studied her well, and knows what all wizards love. Magicks. He silently began to hoard some of the rarest treasures of magicked items, while he continued to spread rumors of her disloyality to her people, and her inappropriate use of domain funds. And all of a sudden, she invites "him" to her domain, as a guest. Now was the time for him to strike. He waited all his Dukedom career for this chance, and he wasn't going to blow it.

Who will reach his/her goal, and will the loyal citizens be the ones to suffer?

Spilt på

Intercon A (2001)

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