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Into Darkness

System: LARP

Arrangert av

Waldritter e.V.


„Into Darkness“ is a sci-fi horror larp inspired by movies like „Event Horizon“, „Alien“ and „Solaris“. The game may not be for the faint of heart. There will be 40 participants playing the crew of the spaceship „Demeter“ – a long-range research spaceship of the corporation „Nolan-Watanabe-Industries“. The ship is on its way to the „Hades Nebula“ to investigate a space anomaly. On their way the crew discovers the abysses of the human soul…

The game will take place in the Kreativ.Campus Herten, in a former Woolworth store. The Waldritter e.V. bought this location a few years ago and will transform it into a spaceship larp location. We will also use parts of the set of the „Odysseus“ scifi-larp in Finland. A spaceship simulation software will be adapted especially for the game and will allow the virtual control of the „Demeter“.

Antall ganger spilt

17. - 20. mars 2022, Kreativ.Campus, Herten, Tyskland


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