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The Nexus Realm

System: LARP


The Nexus Realm

A place between hundreds and thousands of parallel worlds and timelines, the Nexus Realm is commonly called a "dumping dimension", as people from all over the multiverse has come here at random, and must now find a way to coexist and make a new life for themselves. It is a rough world, full of contradictions and wonder, strange, deadly, and beautiful. The landscape is fantastical and sometimes surreal, with an abundance of alien flora and fauna.

The only non-humans encountered so far are the elegant and sophisticated grey-skinned Ellállu, and the wild and hedonistic pointy-eared scavengers known as the Kvúrduk.

This LARP is about making a life in the new frontier, about hope and survival in every sense of the word, about the concepts of traditions and cultures and the clashes as well as the adaptability of those.

Antall ganger spilt

21. - 24. juli 2022, Stige Ø, Odense, Danmark [avlyst]
2023, Danmark: Summer


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