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David Rothfeder


✏️ Post Apocalyptic Tea House Golden Cobra Challenge (2016)
✏️ It Was a Beautiful Mistake Golden Cobra Challenge (2018)
✏️ Punk Rock Ghosts Are Sexy Because They Love Kittens Golden Cobra Challenge (2020)
✏️ All I Want for Christmas is to Cancel the Office Holiday Party Golden Cobra Challenge (2021)


Golden Cobra Challenge (2018)

It Was a Beautiful Mistake: Nominated, Honorable Mentions
David Rothfeder's It Was a Beautiful Mistake is a poignant game about a teacher looking back on their career. Each player portrays Alex Park during a different year of their life as a teacher, with the retirement-age Alex left to make meaning out of a lifetime of struggle, joy and sacrifice. The Committee is pleased to honor this game as a solid, nuanced take on an under-explored topic that we think will resonate with many.

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