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Kitty Stoholski


✏️ Heart of the Dungeon Golden Cobra Challenge (2016)
✏️ The Hydra Artist's Masterpiece: Mourning Acid Breath Golden Cobra Challenge (2017)
✏️ Medusa's Bad Day Golden Cobra Challenge (2019)


Golden Cobra Challenge (2017)

The Hydra Artist's Masterpiece: Mourning Acid Breath: Winner, Best game that non-gamers can understand, play, and enjoy
When the artist hydra's creative visionary head, Elder Acid is lopped off by an interloping adventurer, the remaining heads have to rally the new headlings to their deadline for the famous Monster Gallery. In this game, Kitty Stoholski has created something exquisitely gripping and eminently playable. We can't wait to not only play ourselves, but tell new players about this game. The great hook and guided collaborative artmaking make us confident that new players will immediately find something to latch onto and never feel bored or lost.

Golden Cobra Challenge (2019)

Medusa's Bad Day: Nominated, J.D.'s Choice Honorable Mentions
Absolutely beautifully written game -- you invite the player in & welcome them into the scene you've created. This game feels like it would be very therapeutic! especially if everybody got to take a turn as Medusa. Here, too, I looked for something to complicate the play a little -- some wrinkle that would move the play into a dynamic cause-and-effect place. I think one strength of this game would be seen if multiple players did take turns as Medusa -- the listening-and-reacting dynamic would come into play, and I think that would make things fun.

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