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Banana Chan


✏️ The Other Place Golden Cobra Challenge (2015)
✏️ They're Onto Me Golden Cobra Challenge (2016)


Golden Cobra Challenge (2015)

The Other Place: Nominated, Honorable Mentions
Kids go up into the attic, where there’s a soul-sucking mirror and two kid spirits trying to replace them. Banana Chan has written – no, illustrated – a simple, eerie trip into the fantastic that will likely take under an hour. Evocative drawings model the characters, play, and everything else one would need to understand to make the game interesting. Multiple outcomes, including several that are devastatingly creepy, make the emergent play of this game an object of considerable interest. Although certain factors such as player safety are largely set aside, we see the irresistible, uncanny charm of this game’s overall design as deserving of an honorable mention.

Golden Cobra Challenge (2016)

They're Onto Me: Winner, Best Pervasive Game
We loved this game for its brash innovation. They're Onto Me is a single player game that explores the boundaries of pervasive play over a period of 4 convention days or 12 regular days. Conspiracy theories, parasitic alien lifeforms infiltrating our society, and the tantalizing possibility of a piece of ephemera for all to see. Grab a smart phone, follow the prompts, and if you're brave, upload the results to YouTube. If you're into shows like Lonelygirl15 or Carmilla you'll especially love this. At least one of the judges is planning to play immediately.

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